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Understand Periscope and working of periscope

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A periscope is an instrument based on the principle of multiple reflections.
It is an optical device, which enables an observer to view the surrounding objects from a lower level.
Periscopes were widely used in submarines and trenches to observe enemy movements without being seen.
1. It consists of long tube then at right angles twice as shown in the figure.
2. Two mirrors are fixed in a tube at a ankle of 450 near the tube openings of the tube.
3. Two mirrors are facing in each other and they direct the light from the object to observer.
the upper or top mirror forms an image of the object. This image access object for the second mirror at the lower end and produces an image which is seen by an observer. Let us now want to sham the working of the periscope with the help of the diagram. sizlere kanalharman.org farkıyla sunulmuştur

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